Our mission is to make housing affordable and accessible for all.


SOLACE received a Seal of Excellence Certificate,  the high-quality label awarded to projects submitted to Horizon 2020.

What SOLACE stands for?

SOLACE is the first house that generates income for its owners. It is a durable and cost efficient asylum fulfilling family’s core living needs.
SOLACE is also an innovative system of production and delivery of carbon neutral, energy positive and ready for self-assembly house delivered in just one shipping container.


Price from about EUR 25.000

Price can be lowered with local subsidies to NF> 15 termoinsulation factor,  and PV installations

Packed into a 20 ft container to shorten house lead time,
Reduction of design, selection, ordering, and purchase of construction materials, technical equipment, and furniture.

Operating costs offset by selling electricity back to the grid thanks to the perfect termoisolation factors.


Optimal family size

The size of SOLACE is designed to fulfill the minimum needs of a single family. The philosophy behind it is based on a lifelong research of Le Corbusier.

Prefabricated Elements

Thanks to an innovative prefabrication process a lower price for our customers can be achieved.

Inside one container / transport

All the house elements are prepared to fill exactly one shipping container. It’s just like a flatpack – Just a little bit bigger :)

Self Assembled

You can build SOLACE on your own. We have prepared step by step instructions allowing you to reduce the cost of hiring construction teams.

House structure

SOLACE size and structure is designed to use the least possible amount of energy to heat entire house.

Innovative termo-insulation

Our innovative gas termo-insolations are light weight and fast in assembly so the house requires only 15kWh/annum/meter of energy.

Solar Panels

Thanks to state of art solar panels, SOLACE generates more energy than it consumes. The excess power is sold to grid generating income for the owners

Elimination of CO2 intensive materials

SOLACE house is produced only from natural resources. We reduced the use of fossil fuel based materials to the minimum.

Wood as a CO2 Capture

SOLACE is built solely from wood as trees photosynthesis and respiration are the main processes accounting for the capture of carbon dioxide in nature.

Fulfiling European directive for houses

Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency states, that all buildings erected by 2020 in EU have to be 0-energy. Morover there is a push towards subsidies to achive this goal wich can lower the final price of SOLACE

How We do it ?


All house elements are ordered from supplieres and placed to the one containers.


Thanks to the one container concept, we are delivering all the SOLACE elements in only one transportation. This is saving both time and money of our customers.


Thanks to Flat-pack philosophy SOLACE is self-assembled by the owners.


Solace generates more power than needs of the whole family allowing to produce excess power to generate income.


Carbon Dioxide Output = P x S x E x C

P = population
S = services used by people
E= energy needed to power those services
C = carbon dioxide created by that energy

Buildings cause a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions, mainly CO2, altering our planet?s climate. They account for around:
40% of total energy consumption in Europe
36% of CO2 emissions in Europe
29% of total electricity demand in Europe

The increase of Global population and Consumption accelerates climate changes. By offering SOLACE, we would like to tackle climate change by offering low carbon housing.
Solace house energy consumption equals to 1/10 of energy used in a typical European house and energy is generated onsite. Therefore, SOLACE house can reduce greenhouse gases emission causing global warming.

Many construction materials are based on fossil fuels or carbon intensive, this is the reason why we replace it by wood. This is why we love wood and we decided to use certified wood as a main material at SOLACE house.

Sustainability is taken care on each stage of SOLACE house process:

the design phase
material sourcing
manufacturing of the elements
to provide sustainable living

Based on recent MIT Ph.D. Matthew Rognlie studies (LINC), shows, that housing is major factor in widening the poverty gap around the world. Creating new concept of housing market with affordable houses for all can bring more equality around the world. By bringing SOLACE, we want to make housing accessible to many.

The houses are one of the biggest sources of expenses – an average European person spends on housing around 30% of her/his disposable income.
Our goal is to create a house that changes the paradigm of it from  being a cost to being an investment. This means the house can create income coming from energy generation and it can even repay itself during the 25 years of usage, depending on the market.

Rising population in cities with higher rents and land prices ? Europe is facing a challenge. One response – tiny houses provide a home to occupants who are ready to adapt to new way of living.


Recent Cattela market tracker (Link) have proven, that micro-housing is new housing alternative that is blooming not only in the United States but also in Europe.
It is a potential alternative to the current dwellings having potential to lower housing costs in changing European housing market.

Who are we ?

Piotr Pokorski
Architect, Technology officer
Bart Głowacki
Finance, Business

We believe that as a society we can live in a more sustainable way to reduce our impact on the planet and reduce inequality – to bring better life to us all. SOLACE’s mission is to develop a future-oriented, well-designed, energy positive, sustainable housing, which is affordable and accessible for all.


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